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Building Bridges To Brighter Futures.


Healthy Families Programs

Through our direct services model, Healthy Families provides both community- and school-based services. We offer support in the following areas: graduating high school and accessing post-secondary education; giving birth to a healthy baby; establishing healthy, supportive relationships; preventing and delaying additional pregnancies; finding safe, secure, and stable housing, and preparing for the workforce.

Heathy Families
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Public Policy, and Influence

“Advocacy, Public Policy, and Influence (API) helps dismantle the systemic (and systematic) forces disproportionately impacting women and girls. By addressing the social, physical, and economic conditions—social determinants of health--
that impact the well-being of our primary constituents, The Center captures relevant data and evidence, and promotes capacity-building and action to close
these gaps and lessen the disparities.

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