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The Black Girls' & Young Women's Collective

The Black Girls' & Young Women's Collective serves as a forum for sharing challenges, ideas, and hopes openly and fully among Black girls and young women. This space is safe and allows for an understanding of needs and resources and creating the path forward.

Embrace Change

The core definition of embracing change refers to cultivating an attitude of accepting change as a positive development and integrating it into daily life.


The Center for Healthy Families conducted a study to ascertain the experiences and opinions of pregnant and parenting teens, teen fathers, caregivers, and organizations providing services to pregnant or parenting teens.


The major message of all the voices heard from and of the facts reviewed is that preventing teen

pregnancy and caring for teen parents and their children more effectively and efficiently require everyone to begin by embracing change.


To view the Summary Report CLICK HERE

Advocacy, Public Policy, and Information

Advocacy, public policy, and information (API) helps dismantle the systemic (and systematic) forces disproportionately impacting Black youth. By addressing the social, physical, and economic conditions—social determinants of health--that impact the well-being of our primary constituents, The Center captures relevant data and evidence, and promotes capacity-building and action to close these gaps and lessen the disparities.

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