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Healthy Families Connection

Here at The Center for Healthy Families, we engage parenting teens and their children in opportunities to acquire self-sufficiency capabilities of health and well-being, positive networks, and education and employment and provide them with support through access to a coordinated network of the most effective community services. We provide both:

Community-Based Services:

We work one-on-one with our teens to help foster success in several key areas.

School Based Services:

Our parenting education support groups for pregnant and parenting teens are held at area high schools.

Pregnant and parenting teens in Franklin County have the opportunity to create positive outcomes in several key areas:
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Graduating from high school prepared to access post-secondary education and/or workforce.

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Delay of Subsequent Pregnancy

Preventing additional pregnancies until the participating teens are
better prepared to support a child.

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Healthy Relationships

Establishing healthy and supportive relationships.

Healthy Homes_CHF.png

Helping to maintain secure, safe, and stable housing.

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Healthy Babies

Giving birth to a healthy baby.

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Effective Parenting

Developing of effective parenting skills.

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Healthy Families Connection is a “Collaborative Community Response model.” The “umbrella” for coordinating services for teen parents.
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Healthy  Families Connection collaborates with 12 core partners to develop individualized, holistic goal plans for teens and their families:
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Are You a Pregnant and/or Parenting Teen or Youth?

Are you between the ages of 12 and 24 years old and living in the Greater Columbus Metropolitan Area? Do you want help reaching social and economic self-sufficiency?

Contact us today to learn more about our program of support.

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