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When the girls lead the way, they take us to a place that is truly just, in every way, for every young Black female.

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At The Black Girls' and Young Women's Collective, we know we can bridge the gaps Black girls confront—but only when the girls set the course. Only when they know they’re valued, valuable leaders, braided together by common threads, empowered as individuals, and effective as a collective.

With a forum to share their challenges, ideas, and hopes, Black girls and young women can express, openly and fully, what they’re facing and what they need.

And as we listen, we learn how to support them. To create programs that serve them. To shape policies that benefit them. To build bridges that bring allies and options near.


In the process, they take us to a place we can’t reach alone: where equity is a responsibility and an action our entire community must share.

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Thanks for joining the conversation!

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