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When you think of girlhood, what do you imagine?

Does it include the time to play, daydream, and explore?

The security to act silly, sensitive, or sad?

The confidence to experiment, take risks, and try new things?

Does your idea of girlhood include her freedom to just be a kid?

At The Center, we believe that the answer should always be yes.
But we know it isn’t. Because when you’re young, female, or a Black female, “just” being a kid is complicated. Because “just” doesn’t begin to cover your reality. Education, economics, opportunities, expectations—they’re all different for girls, and Black girls in particular, compared to their white and male peers.

There’s nothing just about that. That’s why The Center is here: for
justice and girlhood.

In a space and time when girls’ opinions are being ignored or silenced, the power of young voices echoed through the Ohio Union on the campus of The Ohio State University on October 11, 2023, when over 500 girls and young women, along with advocates, allies, and community champions gathered as an opportunity to be seen, heard, as well as see beyond their front door.

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Day of the Girl is based on a simple promise: elevate the agency
of girls and young women and listen to them.
To those, many deem girls too young to make decisions for themselves or their families, to those who are being drowned out by generations of disparities and inequalities. To those who deserve the opportunity to pursue their full potential – we are here.

The Center will continue to engage in three practices.

We ask that you join us:

Commit to listening to our girls.

Commit to creating safe spaces for our girls.

Commit to convening our girls.

Stay tuned for Day of The Girl 2025!

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